Ivana got her degree in computational condensed matter physics from the University of Kentucky in 2000. She then hung around for another year to do postdoctoral work in material science, and completed her master’s degree in computers. She started working in bioinformatics as a postdoc in Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX,  where she stayed until 2007. In that year she joined the Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore, where she worked as a scientist until 2013.  Ivana holds an adjunct assistant professorship at Medical School of University of Rijeka, in her home country Croatia. In the Bodamer Lab was in charge of computational  … everything.

Ivana believes that computation in biomedicine can only be as good as the practical problem that it is trying to solve, that having a good clean set of data is more important  than methodology, and that in this field the user experience design is still an overlooked and undervalued discipline. Some of her work can be inspected here: http://eopsf.org.


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